Cross edi.

Cross edi is an IBM i /EDI translation software intented to simplify exchanges between companies.
His translation engine « any­to­any » allow the transformation of files in principal standards of the market : EDIFACT, XML, GALIA, INOVERT, TRADACOMS, ANSI X12, VDA, GENCOD. His flexibility enable to adapt it for all professions.


His translation engine is an executable (*PGM). It has all optimisations link to the AS/400 compiler to translate all types of files :

  • Physical
  • Logical
  • Streamfiles
  • DDM


His interface totaly configurable allow to automate easily the processing of files that go in and out. It can interface with all communication software of the market. Exiciel recommend the TBT 400 software from the IPLS company with which it profits from an optimal integration. (automatic interface and followed crossed). The communication with the DPII EDC platform is integrate in the solution.


A set of commands became available to the user, allow to call the different functions of translation from the applications. The communication interface is documented and open for all specific development. Programs are available in several languages according to the user.


Purges are powered and run automatically by the translation monitor. Alerts are sending par email in case of problems. Tracking interface is simple and fast with filters that allow you to select easily important informations. It also allow to access the different system tasks link to the EDI handling.


No limit in terms of number of configurations or transactions. The graphic configuration interface is available for the environment : Windows, Linux, MacOS. The translation engine is also functional on these platforms to execute your tests. Few formation days will be enought to control the language and his tools.

Fast and economic

Cross edi is fast to install (15 minutes) and it's easy with the help of an unique command. The software is available in free download in our website. Cross edi is a solution fast, easy and effective which take over EDI processing daily.

You can freely and without engagement assess the solution on the page Downloads.